As a charity, fundraising is essential for us to carry out our vital work around the world

providing veterinary care to animals who would otherwise have none. Whether you organise a non-uniform day, charity concert or a sponsored silence, there are loads of ways that your students can help raise money and awareness to support this life-saving work. Take a look at our fundraising guide to get more ideas on activities you could do.

Fundraising can be a great way to involve the whole school community and allow students of different ages to work together. You could set up a fundraising committee of students or give older students the responsibility of organising events and work with younger students. Why not make it competitive, encourage innovation and see which tutor group can raise the most money? You can also use the opportunity to encourage children to become more active by including some physical challenges. 

What do we spend our money raised on? 

Last year WVS spent over £1.6 million on helping animals in need. Over 65,500 animals were helped in total, with 25,600 sterilised and 380 rehomed. In addition to this, over 1,000 parcels were delivered to our supported charities and 702 vets were trained at our International Training Centres. This year, we aim to help even more animals in need. Without supporters like you, these results would be impossible. 

For more fundraising ideas, download our school fundraising sheet or the WVS fundraising pack below:

General Fundraising Pack

School Fundraising Poster