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As your students return to school, they will probably have lots of questions about their recent experience of lockdown and why this has happened. They will have heard things on the television and listened to their parents talking about it but might still have questions about the disease and where it has come from.

We are delighted to be providing a free lesson to help answer their questions. The lesson covers:

  • All about COVID-19

  • Where did it come from?

  • Has this happened before?

  • Can we stop a pandemic like this from happening again?

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Written in a storybook format that is appealing to younger children, the KS2 lesson entitled “Are the bats to blame?” introduces the idea of how zoonotic diseases emerge and the part man has to play in this.


It teaches children about the wildlife trade and encourages them, as true global citizens, to believe that people can bring about change for the better. Throughout the lesson we introduce the idea of One Health and how the health of people, animals and their shared environment are inextricably linked.


We also provide a KS3 lesson, “Bats, pangolins and other animals”, which delves deeper into the issue for older children.

Both lessons come with a colourful PowerPoint presentation that could be presented to a class or in an assembly as well as a structured worksheet that can be sent to children working at home.