This programme was set up by international charity Worldwide Veterinary Service.

Worldwide Veterinary Service was set up by veterinarian Luke Gamble in 2003, inspired by volunteering with several small animal charities internationally, Luke created an organisation that could pool veterinary resources and offer free veterinary help to struggling animal charities and non-profit organisations around the world. The charity provides a sustainable veterinary resource to help animals all over the world where veterinary aid and assistance is limited due to the expense and availability in the country they are based. The best way to ensure that veterinary care improves is to educate people about correct animal welfare. The WVS International Training Centres (ITCs) were set up to do just this. WVS now has three ITCs in India and Thailand that train local vets, international vets, para-vets, kennel hands and shelter workers. WVS also run their own projects, from neutering campaigns in Malawi to equine clinics in India.
Find out more on our main website www.wvs.org.uk

Young Vets Club is the children’s branch of the charity, which aims to inspire the next generation of animal lovers, aspiring vets and vet nurses about animal welfare issues and the work of WVS all across the globe. Young Vets Club provides a membership scheme for individuals which allows them to support the charity whilst learning more about animal welfare and the way that vets work. There are also fun-filled activity days and events run by Young Vets Club, along with competitions and games on the website. Young Vets Club is also proud to work with schools both in the UK and overseas and runs the International Schools Initiative.
Find out more at www.youngvetsclub.com